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White lilies code is a visual novel. A common technician guy inspects a station that’s rarely used. Suddenly he finds an unknown girl there. Turned out that she’s a representative of extinguished civilization. Her homeland was destroyed by the Black Empire. It would seem she was saved as she’d reached the Earth. But it isn’t so. The Black Empire is already here secretly. Its soldiers fight people unseen. The protagonist is actively involved in turning events. He's trying to settle some issues. As the story unfolds, the character is to make a lot of tough choices and display courage in a cosmic battle. The game plot abounds with elements of thriller. The plot unraveling is fast-moving, not overlong. The outcome is unobvious till the very end. The great design captures the atmosphere of the distant future. The good music and sound selection adds to the effect. The heroine's image is gorgeous. She attracts players with her sexuality and evokes the desire. https://affect3dstore.com/white-lilies-code

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